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An IPL Laser treatment like photofacial can provide resolution for a number of skin care issues today. Caroline Colin, MD serving patients in Santa Monica, California, offers IPL treatments to treat a number of skin conditions.

IPL Laser Q & A

How Can Photofacials Help With Skin Issues?

Photofacials can help with many different skin problems. Some of the issues that people most often seek help for include sun damage, hyperpigmentation, liver spots (also called age spots,) fine lines and wrinkles, overly large pores, poor skin texture, and excessive freckles.

How is Photofacial Treatment Done?

Photofacial treatment is performed while the patient is wearing protective eyewear, which protects their eyes from the powerful light pulses. The treatment provider delivers these light pulses in very rapid succession via a hand-held treatment tool. As the light pulses enter the skin, especially the deeper layers of skin that are not normally accessible, they will stimulate the skin to repair itself. The blood vessels and collagen are both triggered to expand. This, in turn, causes the skin to smooth out, fill in lines and wrinkles, improve texture, and eliminate small blemishes.

Is Photofacial the Same as Laser Treatment?

In some ways, photofacial is similar to laser treatment. Both IPL and laser treatments use a highly concentrated light to treat skin problems. However, a photofacial is unique because IPL is a broad spectrum light that delivers treatment to several skin layers at once. With a laser, just one wavelength is usually used at any given time. A photofacial is especially good for people who have more than one skin care concern since all issues can be addressed at once.

What is the Length of Photofacial Treatment?

A photofacial treatment usually lasts from about 30 to 60 minutes. The number of treatment sessions can vary by person and specific skin concerns. The majority of patients find that around 3 separate treatment sessions offers the optimum results.

What is the Recovery Like After Photofacial?

There is no downtime associated with photofacial. The treatment can be scheduled at any time and patients can go back to their regular routine immediately if desired. There are rarely any obvious signs that the treatment was done, although there may be a small amount of redness after the treatment.


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