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Gynecology issues like urinary incontinence, painful intercourse, and other problems can be treated effectively today. Dr. Caroline Colin, MD offers MonaLisa Touch treatments to resolve these issues for her Santa Monica, California area patients.

Gynecology Q & A

What Are Some of the Most Common Gynecological Issues Today?

Some of the most common gynecological issues today include urinary incontinence, chronic vaginal infections, pain during sexual intercourse, vaginal burning, and vaginal itching. If these issues are not treated promptly, it can become increasingly uncomfortable and difficult to live normally. One of the best ways to treat all of these issues is the MonaLisa Touch treatment system. It is a minimally invasive treatment that is performed in the doctor's office. The treatment does not require anesthesia, and pain is rare. To prevent discomfort, the doctor can provide a topical anesthetic cream.

Why Do These Gynecological Problems Happen?

Pain during intercourse often happens because of a decrease in estrogen that starts with menopause. Other symptoms, including vaginal dryness and vaginal itching, are often tied to this decrease in estrogen as well. Some women may also benefit from hormone replacement if their estrogen loss and symptoms are due to menopause. Urinary incontinence may happen in any woman, but it is most common during and after pregnancy and during menopause. The extra weight of pregnancy or other non-pregnancy weight gain can lead the muscles to stretch out, which may eventually result in urinary incontinence. The MonaLisa Touch treatment can correct all of these issues very effectively. It can even improve vaginal tone if the patient has vaginal laxity because of a reduction in mucosal tone.

How Does MonaLisa Touch Treat Vaginal Issues?

The MonaLisa Touch treatment device delivers a fractional quantity of carbon dioxide to the tissues of the vaginal wall. The carbon dioxide triggers the vaginal cells to start making new collagen. This, in turn, rejuvenates vaginal tissue and resolves many common gynecological symptoms. The treatment is usually done in 30 to 60 minute sessions, and some people see results right away. Overall, most people need around 3 or 4 treatments for complete symptom resolution.


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